Contactless disinfectant dispenser made of stainless steel for all standard containers up to 500 ml

Sensor Activates spraying of the amount to be applied when the hand is introduced.
Mains or battery power Flexible positioning thanks to mains or battery power.
Large Opening Simultaneous disinfection of both hands  
Exact dispensing Amount to be applied can be set in 10 levels: 0,5 – 5 ml
Compatibility With all alcoholic based liquid disinfectants
Wide spray radius Covers the surface of both hands without atomisation
Collection tray Contains excess liquid
Signal generation (optional) Electronic signal e.g. for automatic doors, turnstiles, etc.
Counter (optional) Counts usage and shows dosage
Viewing window To check the level

Technical data

Article overview

Operating voltage12V
Mains or battery powerYes/Yes
Containerup to 500 ml
Measurementsh 377 x w 215 x d 165 mm
Net weight7,0 Kg


Electropolished surface
40146For standing / wall displays
40147.001with plug connection and connecting cable
40148.001With plug connection, connecting cable and signal generation