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Name and Contact Details of the Controller Under Art. 4(7) GDPR

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Security and Protection of Your Personal Data

The protection of your personal data is of great concern to us. We therefore only process your data on the basis of legal regulations (GDPR and the 2003 German Telecommunications Act [Telekommunikationsgesetz, TKG 2003]). This Privacy Policy will inform you about the most important aspects of data processing on our website.

Processing Purpose

  • Making our online offer and its functions and contents available
  • Answering inquiries and communicating with users
  • Security measures
  • Range measurement/marketing

Applicable Legal Bases

In accordance with Art. 13 GDPR, we hereby inform you about the legal bases for our data processing. For users subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), i.e., those in the EU and the EEA, the following applies if legal bases are not specified by this Privacy Policy: The legal basis for obtaining consent are Art. 6(1) Letter a and Art. 7 GDPR; the legal basis for processing, compliance with our obligations, performance of contractual measures and answering inquiries is Art. 6(1) Letter b GDPR; the legal basis for processing for compliance with our legal obligations is Art. 6(1) Letter c GDPR; if processing personal data is necessary to protect vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person, Art. 6(1) Letter d GDPR will serve as the legal basis. The legal basis for processing for carrying out a task in the public interest or in exercise of public authority vested in the controller is Art. 6(1) Letter e GDPR. The legal basis for processing for safeguarding our legitimate interests is Art. 6(1) Letter f GDPR. Processing of data for purposes other than those for which the data is collected is regulated by Art 6 Abs. 4 GDPR. Processing of special categories of data (in accordance with Art. 9(1) GDPR) is regulated by Art. 9(2) GDPR.

Data Processing When Visiting Our Website

We will process personal data concerning you when you visit our website. You may also visit our website without disclosing personal data. Our website is designed to collect as little data concerning you as possible.

Contacting Us

When contacting us (e.g., via our contact form, email, telephone or social media), user information will be processed to process and handle your inquiry in accordance with Art. 6(1) Letter b (for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party) and Art. 6(1) Letter f (other inquiries) GDPR. Information disclosed by users may be saved in a customer relationship management system (“CRM system”) or comparable inquiry organization.

Furthermore, the data name, address, goods purchased and the purchase date will be saved until product liability expires (10 years). This data is processed on the basis of the legal regulations of Section 96(3) of the German Telecommunications Act and Art. 6(1) Letter a (consent) and/or Letter b (necessary for contract performance) GDPR.

Security Measures

In compliance with legal requirements, considering the state of the art, implementation costs and the type, scope, circumstances of processing and the respective likelihood and severity of risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, we implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an adequate level of protection against risk. These measures especially include securing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data by controlling physical access to the data, including its retrieval, input, transfer, security, availability and separation. In addition, we implemented procedures that ensure the exercise of data subject rights, erasure of data and appropriate responses to data threats. Furthermore, we already consider data protection during the development and selection of hardware, software and procedures in accordance with the principle of data protection through technical designs and data protection-friendly presets.

Collaboration with Processors, Joint Controllers and Third Parties

If we disclose, transfer or otherwise grant access to data to other persons or companies (processors, joint controllers or third parties) as part of data processing, this will only be done with legal authorization (e.g., if data must be transferred to third parties, such as payment service providers, for contract performance), with the user’s consent, if required by legal obligations or on the basis of our legitimate interests (e.g., when commissioning service providers, web hosts, etc.). If we disclose, transfer or otherwise grant access to data from other companies of our corporate group, this will especially be done for administrative purposes as a legitimate interest and, furthermore, under a corresponding legal basis.

Data Subject Rights

You may exercise your “data subject rights” at any time:

  • Right of access under Art. 15 GDPR
  • Right to rectification under Art. 16 GDPR
  • Right to erasure under Art. 17 GDPR
  • Right to data portability under Art. 20 GDPR
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority under Art. 77 GDPR
  • Right to object under Art. 21 GDPR


“Cookies” are small text files saved on the user’s computer. Cookies may save various information. Cookies are primarily used to save information about a user (or the device on which the cookie is saved) during or after the user’s visit within an online offer. Temporary cookies or “session cookies” or “transient cookies” are cookies that are erased after the user leaves an online offer and closes his browser. Such cookies may save, e.g., shopping cart contents on an online shop or one’s login status. “Permanent” or “persistent” cookies are cookies that remain saved even after one’s browser is closed. This enables, e.g., a user’s login status to be saved when revisiting a website after several days. Such cookies may also save the user’s interests used for the range measurement or for marketing purposes. “Third-party cookies” are cookies offered by providers other than the online offer’s controller (the controller’s cookies are referred to as “first-party cookies”).

If we ask users for their consent to the use of cookies (e.g., as part of a cookie usage declaration of consent), the legal basis for this processing will be Art. 6(1) Letter a GDPR. Otherwise, cookies concerning personal user data will be processed in accordance with the following explanations under this Privacy Policy on the basis of our legitimate interests (i.e., interests in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of our online offer in the sense of Art. 6(1) Letter f GDPR) or, if use of cookies is necessary for the performance of our contractual services, under Art. 6(1) Letter b GDPR, or, if use of cookies is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or for the exercise of public authority, under Art. 6(1) Letter e GDPR. If users do not want cookies to be saved on their computer, they will be asked to disable the corresponding option in their browser’s system settings. Saved cookies may be erased in the browser’s system settings. However, disabling cookies may result in functional limitations for this online offer.

Validity of and Changes to this Privacy Policy

Further development of our website, the implementation of new technologies or changed legal or official requirements may necessitate changes to this Privacy Policy. We therefore reserve the right to make corresponding changes at any time.

Administration, Financial Accounting, Office Organization and Contact Management

We process data for administrative tasks, such as the organization of our establishment, financial accounting and compliance with legal obligations, e.g., archiving. For this, we process the same data as for the performance of our contractual services. The processing bases are Art. 6(1) Letter c GDPR and Art. 6(1) Letter f GDPR. Data subjects for this processing are customers, prospective customers, business partners and website visitors. The purpose of and our interest in processing consists of data administration, financial accounting, office organization and archiving, i.e., tasks that serve the maintenance of our business activities and the performance of our tasks and services. Erasure of data concerning contractual services and contractual communication corresponds to the tasks stated for these processing activities. We disclose and transfer data to the officer, consultants, such as tax advisors or auditors, and other billing offices and payment service providers. Furthermore, we save information about suppliers, event organizers and other business partners, e.g., for subsequent contacting. On the basis of our business interests, we save such primarily business-related data permanently.

Data Processing For Our Online Presences

In addition to our website, we are also on the following online platforms and social networks:

Facebook: Steripower-GmbH-Co-KG-217024415670333/



We present companies, provide information about our offers and communicate with our customers and prospective customers on these platforms.

We only process personal data when you interact with the respective page of our online presence (Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn), e.g., if you submit a comment or “Like” (by clicking on the Like button) or send us a message. The legal basis for such data processing is Art. 6(1) Letter b GDPR for requests related to contracts or your consent under Art. 6(1) Letter a GDPR when submitting a comment, “Like,” etc.

We analyze the views of and interactions on online presences. Only anonymous data is provided to us for this.

Please note that, when using our above-stated online presences, personal data concerning you will also be processed by the respective operators.

In addition to the processing described above, at least Facebook will process data concerning you for analysis and marketing purposes and to generate personalized advertisements. As far as we know, cookies that save your user behavior independently of your device are also used for this. This provides adjusted advertisements on Facebook’s platform and on third-party pages. Further information about the respective online presence can be found at:

– Facebook, pages and groups, (Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland) on the basis of a Page Insights Controller Addendum – Data Policy:, particularly for pages:, opt-out: and, Privacy Shield:

– LinkedIn (LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland) – Privacy Policy:, opt-out:, Privacy Shield:

– Xing (XING AG, Dammtorstraße 29-32, 20354 Hamburg, Germany) – Privacy Policy/opt-out:

– Google/YouTube (Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland) – Privacy Policy:, opt-out:, Privacy Shield:

Embedded Services and Third-Party Contents

Our online offer uses content and service offers of third-party providers to embed their contents and services, such as videos or fonts, (hereinafter uniformly referred to as “contents”) on the basis of our legitimate interests (i.e., interest in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of our online offer in the sense of Art. 6(1) Letter f GDPR). This requires third-party providers to receive the IP addresses of users without which the providers cannot send contents to users’ browsers. An IP address is therefore necessary for displaying these contents. We try to only use contents whose respective providers merely use IP addresses to provide contents. Third-party providers may further use so-called pixel tags (invisible graphics, also referred to as “web beacons”) for statistical or marketing purposes. “Pixel tags” allow information, such as visitor traffic on the pages of this website, to be assessed. Furthermore, this pseudonymous information may be saved as cookies on user devices and may, among other things, include technical information about the user’s browser and operating system, referring websites, visiting time and additional information about the use of our online offer and may be linked to information from other sources.

Google ReCaptcha

To recognize bots, e.g., for entries in online forms, we embedded the function (“ReCaptcha”) of the service provider Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. Privacy Policy:, opt-out:

Google Maps

We embedded maps of the service “Google Maps” of the provider Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. Processed data may especially include IP addresses and location data of users which will not be collected without their consent (normally, granted through the settings of their mobile devices). This data may be processed in the USA. Privacy Policy:, opt-out.



In accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG] and the German Telemedia Act, this Privacy Policy informs users of this newsletter about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the website operator [Steripower – Marketing].

The website operator takes the protection of your data very seriously and treats personal data concerning you confidentially and in compliance with legal obligations. Please note that data transferred through the Internet may be subject to security vulnerabilities. Complete protection against external access is not possible.

Collected Data

The website operator and provider collect data as part of newsletter subscriptions. The collected data is only used to send the newsletter and will not be transferred to third parties. The following data is collected:

  • Name and first name
  • Email-Address

Treatment of personal data

The website operator will only collect, use and transfer personal data concerning you if permissible by law or with your consent to the data collection. Personal data means any information that can be used to identify you personally and that may be traced back to you—e.g., your name, email address or telephone number.

Treatment of Contact Details

If you contact the website operator through one of the offered contact options, your data will be saved to process and answer your inquiry. This data will not be transferred to third parties without your consent.

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